A Standard Guide to Writing an Effective Dissertation Abstract

How to Craft an Appealing Abstract for Your Dissertation

As any scholar would have it, any assignment means a chance to improve their GPA. An abstract is, therefore, a chance for you to bag all the points if written exceptionally. Below is a standard guide that you can use to craft an excellent abstract for your dissertation.

State the aim of your research

As normalcy would claim, there strength of your abstract lies with how well you can list its objectives to readers. Therefore, attempt to define your research’s purpose. Common terminologies to use in this section include: assess, analyze, evaluate or investigate. 

For example:

  • This study evaluates the impact of mobile banking in the US economy.

Describe your methods

Using the past participle tense, tell your readers briefly the methods that you used to conclude. It would help if you didn’t dwell on explaining the methods in depth; instead, provide insights into the results.

For example:

  1. 10,000 questionnaires were distributed across towns in the US.

Results Summary

This section relies on the magnitude of your research since you may not manage to present all your study results in the abstract. Therefore, you can provide a summary either using present tense or past participle. Try to highlight the most outstanding findings.

For example:

  1. The majority of American citizens agreed that mobile banking would save them time while conducting money transactions.


The whole essence of your study is to fill the gap you identified. Therefore, at this point in writing an abstract, scholars must attempt to provide answers to their research question. Note that readers are looking for credibility, and the only way to win their trust is by giving a conclusive report.

For example:

  1. The study concluded that mobile banking has a positive impact on businesses, customers and the US economy in general.

It is worthy to note that whereas an abstract may seem hard at the first glance, let not your confidence be shaken. The above steps will help prove to your instructor that you are knowledgeable of the task; therefore award you high points.

To do better in your paper’s presentation, students should study how other abstracts have been done in the past. Google is a good place to start when one is on a fact-finding mission. There are numerous examples that a scholar can borrow an idea or two from and end up constructing an academically accepted paper.

It would be best if you mastered the art of good writing skills when drafting your abstract. Note that your sentences must be concise. Readers find pleasure in reading well-constructed sentences that are easy to follow through ideas. Thus, avoid using ambiguous terms- these are considered unattractive in paper writing.


An abstract is completely independent of the rest of your study research. Anyone who hasn’t read your paper or other related studies should be able to quickly grasp the aspect of your entire dissertation just by reading your abstract. Therefore, scholars must write it skillfully, and by adhering to the guidelines provided in this article, one is guaranteed to write a great segment.


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