How to Write a Great Dissertation Introduction

Elements to Consider when Writing a Thesis Introduction

Throughout your school life from the early stage of writing essays in elementary and high school, your teacher would emphasize the importance of a great introduction. Well, it is no different in college. When writing a dissertation, your intro plays a vital role in determining whether readers will study or ignore your research study. To help you write a banger intro, read through the elements discussed below:


There’s no more tremendous disappointment than reading an introduction that is out of context. It is disastrous and can cause loss to your entire research by getting rejected by your supervisor. Therefore, please pay attention to your topic and dig some research to enable you to familiarize with what it’s all about. Once done that, proceed to explain it as an overview in your introductory section.


How wide and deep can your research study cover? You bet that many researches are infinite and therefore students need to narrow down their viewpoints to enable them to cover a study exhaustively. Having identified the parameters that you want your study to touch on, one can then briefly describe their study’s scope in the intro.


How timely is your introduction? Is there an ongoing revolution that you can incorporate to your study as an example? For example one can use the hashtag ”black lives matter” on their intro if a topic is geared towards “Police Killings in America”. This is a hot topic that anyone including Non-Americans, would like to read about. Therefore, scholars should seek relevance when crafting their thesis introduction.


An excellent introduction section aims to tell readers the objective of the research. It answers questions to existing gaps and explains to readers why that study is critical and the impact it has on society. Remember that being objective is paramount and you ought not to think of yourself but instead think of your audience then ask yourself; will this topic make sense to my target audience? After answering this question, attempt to creatively evoke your readers’ sentiments from the onset of your thesis. If you manage to do that in your intro, you bet no one will assume your research.


Do your ideas flow systematically? How’s the syntax of your paper? Well, scholars must strive to write their papers in a manner that is easy for readers to follow through ideas. For example; a paragraph should not go beyond four sentences, and a new paragraph should introduce a new idea. Also, when drafting your intro, attempt to be concise and don’t use jargons that will lose readers attention. Remember that your utmost goal is to keep them interested in wanting to read more about your study topic.


Having dissected the parameters for a good introduction, it is worth noting that a great majority of people usually peruse through your introduction to ascertain whether it’s worth their attention. Hence, be sure to give this section of your dissertation your best shot. Remember your writing prowess matter and you will also be graded. All the best!


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