Principles to train oneself to write the Thesis

Principles to train oneself to write the Thesis

What comes to mind when talking about training? Obviously they will be sports images in which individuals or groups work hard to achieve mastery of a certain skill. I believe that these same practices can be dealt with in the academic context so that you train yourself to work for objectives and write your Thesis.

Working for goals should be a common trend among young people between 20 and 30 years old. In any case, they belong to the generational group of Millennials who have been shown to be motivated by shortterm goals. The Thesis is one of those goals, in any case it is something that will generate benefits and can even produce psychological incentives that give us security and greater confidence in ourselves.

Now, this training is not the same as acquiring the knowledge of how to write a Thesis. That is, the technique one learns in terms of methodology and writing is not enough if the individual does not have a plan that allows him to motivate himself in the research and / or writing process.

However, will power is not enough to keep us motivated. It requires a series of circumstances that can be created by us, to keep our motivation on autopilot. In the simplest form, a good start consists of a series of steps and mental strategies that allow us to constantly assess the degree of stimulation we have to write.

Review some of these points and reflect on them:

What is my current situation? Check if you are a graduate from a month ago or two years ago. How much you have worked in the investigation. Do you have sufficient technical knowledge to undertake academic research?

Define objectives It discriminates between a general objective and the specific ones. What is a Thesis written for, to be titled or to generate experience and knowledge? Here we refer to everything you have planned in your personal sphere, then what you have to contribute to the community or to science will come from your research.

Define weaknesses What prevents me from writing the thesis? List each factor that occurs to you. It does not matter if it sounds obvious or silly, you need to understand your surroundings and tell yourself honestly what it is that represents a weak point

Define strengths We are all good for something. And if we are in the university environment, we want to learn knowledge and experience to match our abilities and personality. Here you must also be honest: what is it that stands out from me to write this research?

Defines the possible actions. Is your advisor too slow to review your thesis? You are not good at writing? After identifying weaknesses, you take actions. In the case of our examples, one action is to take a writing course and seriously discuss with your advisor to commit yourself to a plan and schedule that will benefit both of you.

The steps above are just the beginning to seriously consider writing the Thesis. I trust that many will be useful and soon you can share your experiences in this regard. Do not forget to subscribe to encourage us to continue sharing information of this type in our blog.