What Does Term Paper Consist of?

The Elements of a Term paper

A term paper is an original piece of work written by students discussing a topic in detail. The topic of study is derived from the course work learned in class. Term papers require students to conduct thorough research on their topic and develop findings that will support their conclusion. Due to the impact of a term paper on students’ academic journey, it is only logical for them to accord it the necessary effort.

The Elements of a Term paper

A term paper consists of several parts that students should be familiar with before writing the assignment. It is advisable to conduct prior research on a term paper's format and the study topic before starting writing. This enables you to consume less time when you begin writing your essay. Below are parts of a standard term paper

Cover Page

This is the first page of your term paper; it should be well formatted and presentable. Wrong formatting shows a lack of seriousness in your work or a low-quality paper. A cover page contains the elements highlighted below:

  • The title of the article
  • The name of the student
  • The course title
  • The name of the school
  • The date of submission


An abstract is usually one paragraph section of around 300 words or less. It is a summary of your research paper. It highlights the significant findings of your research and explains why conducting the study was necessary. Here, you state your purpose, how you conducted your research, your findings, or what you learned, and your conclusion.


This section introduces the topic and demonstrates how you intend to carry out the research work. Also, you should state the hypothesis and the rationale to be used. Finally, explain why your research is essential.

Statement of The Problem

This is an optional section where a writer attempts to state the problem his or her research intends to address. A research problem identifies a gap in knowledge in the field, which leads to further research to answer the gap.

Literature Review

This section reviews other scholars' research work in your study topic. While doing so, don’t forget to mention the work of individuals who assisted you in preparing your methodology.


In this section, a writer states the research methods that he/she used. It is merely the approach used to answer the research questions and cite relevant sources to support your chosen method. There are two methods commonly used in research work, i.e., qualitative or quantitative methods. The methods can be used independently or together.


In this section, students should state the results of their findings; the results should be measurable. A researcher should use different methods to analyze and present the study’s results. For statistical data, one can present the data using graphs and charts.


In this section, students should give way forward and recommendations about the study topic and state the area you feel future researchers can focus on.

Reference List

List all the sources of the information used in your paper.


The above steps should act as a guide when you are writing your term paper. Over and above following the above guide, you should read widely to improve your work's quality and credibility.


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